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A stray thought on the simple fix. If the phone is made incapable of certain functions, it may keep the driver from using that function, but it would also keep anyone else in the vehicle from using the function.  A passenger should having full capability of the cell phone since it does not present a danger, and is not a distraction to riding.  As I said, just a thought.  Lew, W0YVY

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Although this is ordinance is a long time coming, enforcement will be tough. Also, recent studies have found in areas that have the bans, that accidents involving texting or other non-voice use of cell phone have increased, due to the fact that people are still texting, but trying to hide it, thus looking away from the road even more.

The only fix, is technology that already exist, and was studied several years ago. The cell phone manufacturers enter a simple script in the phones coding, which disables certain functions while the phone is in motion (i.e. above a set speed). Every phone manufactured today has the ability to be flashed on the fly, as well as the gps tracking function. So it would be simple!

Such a strategy would not effect Amateur Radio.

But, the threat of the perceived political fallout prevents the lawmakers from making the move!


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You are right, in that FCC Licensed Ops need to be exempted from this ordinance.
The San Antonio ordinance on operating in School Zones is 19-254 and it does not exempt FCC licensed operators.
The Texas Transportation Code section 545-425 *does* exempt FCC licensed operators, and it specifically pre-empts local ordinances.

We intend to work with the writers of the ordinance to get the right language in place. ARRL Volunteer Counsel will be working with some local hams.

SA hams who would like to help with this should contact AB5XZ@...

San Antonio, TX
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