Looking for suggestions

Tom O'Brien

My fellow hams,

I am preparing a slide presentation on the "State of the Art: Amateur Radio" that I will deliver to a couple of local IEEE groups (San Antonio/Austin), and I'd like your help.

Please tell me what you think are the most exciting and promising (and challenging) technologies that you see in ham radio today. If you can refer me to a web site, a book, or a magazine article, that would be a big help. I'm a big believer in "cut and paste".

The last time I did a presentation like this, EchoLink was brand new, and so was Software Defined Radio. It inspired one person to study and pass the license exams (zero to Extra in one sitting).

Rather than clutter everybody's e-mailboxes, please send a note to me at ab5xz@arrl.net.

Tom O'Brien
San Antonio, Texas

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