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Tom O'Brien


We would be very happy to have Lauren visit our Field Day operation, and she's an ideal op for our GOTA station.
We should be set up and ready to operate by noon on Saturday. We'll be in Shavano Park, TX, which is a very old small town surrounded by San Antonio. If you look on the ARRL web site, and use the Field Day station locator, you'll find a map to where we are. The City of Shavano Park has been kind enough to let us use their park and its parking area for our operation. Address is 15604 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX.

Call me at 210 845 4966 if you have questions.

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My name is Ron Mahn, KI5FR in Crestview FL. My daughter Lauren is
visiting her Grandmother in San Antonio this weekend and would like to
work a GOTA station. She is 8 years old. She has made contacts for
W4AAZ, our GOTA station (KI5FR) and talks for me in our local net for
the past 3 years. Her first QSO was the day she turned 3, and is
averaging about 65% on her Tech practice tests. I wanted to let you
know she might try to get out to your site on Sat afternoon.
She has a very solid voice on the radio and understands phonetics,
call signs and the need for an exchange. Because FD only comes once a
year she may need a little help with the section and class as well as
when to talk, but as long as she writes everything down first, she is
good to go. She only gets shy on the radio if folks try to hard to get
her past being shy Hi. She knows that by making just one contact she
gets you a 20 point bonus, so she is fired up to help out. If you have
a best time, please let me know and I will pass that along.

Ron Mahn

Tom O'Brien
San Antonio, Texas

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