San Antonio Radio Club Committee Appointments

K5OLE <davidftx@...>

Erik, W5ETS, has sent word that he is no longer in a position to
continue with the web mainanence nor the SwapFest
committee. I want to thank Erik for his fine service on both jobs.

Effective immediately, the following appointments are made:

Swapfest Committee

J.C. Smith, N5RXS, is already a member of the SwapFest Committee and
has agreed to serve the rest of the year as it's Chairman.

Paul Guido, N5IUT, has agreed to serve as a member of the SwapFest
Committee. Webmaster

Paul Guido, N5IUT, has agreed to assume the temporary role as
webmaster for the San Antonio Radio Club's website.

I want to thank J.C. and Paul for stepping up when the club needed
their service. The two of them, along with Charlie Land, Mike
Check, and Richard Elder, have volunteered to fill different
positions when a need suddenly arose. Thanks to all of you.


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