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Marty Meyers

I sent this directly to Tom but thought others might be interested as well:

Hello Tom,

Good to hear from you! I have the Buddipole Deluxe package with the 16 foot mast, guying kit, 50' coax cable/assembly, and long bag. I have also bought, after the fac, t the book that was recently released by NE1RD and the Wire assembly which is basically a wire to be used as a counterpoise with a nice little wire adapter that lets you screw it into the versatee easily.

Ok, with that out of the way one thing you have to keep in mind is that I am a new ham and have very little experience with antennas. I say this as what I think might be great may not be so good for you. The things I like most about the Buddipole is its portability, and versatility.

I live in a neighborhood that doesn't necessarily allow you to have permanent antennas. The Buddipole is perfect in this regard as I generally set it up Friday night / Saturday morning and then take it down Sunday night. The other thing that is nice is that I like to travel and have a travel trailer. I can easily pack all of the components into the included bag and take it along with me.

From a versatility standpoint you can set this thing up in as many configurations as you can imagine. I have set it up as a horizontal dipole, a vertical, an inverted V, a L, a Y, etc, etc. You can also buy parts to make a multi-element Yagi out of it. I have found that the vertical configuration with the counterpoise wire works best for me. Because of this I might recommend the Buddistick rather than the Buddipole. With that being said you can do more with the Buddipole and therefore, if you are willing to take on the extra expense the Buddipole is a more versatile choice.

As I stated before I am a new ham. I have been able to make contacts with this Antenna in about 30 different states. This includes most of the West coast, Northeast, and even Hawaii. All on 100 watts. I have had some issues getting it tuned for low SWR on some of the bands. It would be nice to have an antenna tuner, get it tuned for each band 160m through 2m, and make detailed notes for each configuration. Unfortunately I don't have a tuner at this time. I have been successful in getting it tuned as a vertical on 20m where I can work the entire General class portion of the band with SWR that is likely 1.5:1 or lower. Not too shabby! I have also found that it would be difficult to get it high enough above the ground in a horizontal dipole configuration to really do it any justice. Unfortunately for bands above 10 meters it will likely work in a omni-directional pattern. I have used it as a horizontal though and have had some success into quite a bit of the US but I find the Vertical configuration is superior.

Buddipole has a youtube page with some good videos that walk you through a couple of different configurations in real world operating situations.

This Yahoo group is also very helpful and the Buddipole guys, Budd and Chris, offer a lot of help and advise here as well. They are very active and want to ensure a good experience with the product:



On Apr 26, 2010, at 9:32 AM, Tom O'Brien wrote:

Tom AB5XZ, David KE5KCW, and (Mike callsign TBD) will be operating portable in northern Colorado in July.
We plan to take a Kenwood TS-450 and lightweight MFJ power supply. What we have not decided on is the antenna. In the past, we have taken a long wire or a 20m dipole. This time, we are looking at the Buddipole product, mainly for its compactness and easy setup.

Can anyone on these list tell us about experience with the Buddipole?

Tom O'Brien
San Antonio, Texas

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