Technicians Self Study Guide 2.0

Paul Guido

The Technicians Self Study Guide 2.0 is finished and ready to download.

Go to and click the link on the
home page to receive the file.

The PDF was created with Adobe Acrobat 7.0. The .pdf file is smaller
and picked up some of the features from the original word file. The
Bookmarks in the PDF line up with the table of contents, thumbnails of
the pages can be used to navigate the file, the page numbers line up
with the document and the hyperlinks work as expected.

It should have all of the corrections to date.

The AM and FM Videos have been viewed over 100 times in the past week.
They are a start at this point.

The next two projects are an Instructors Guide to be used for teaching
with the Study Guide and an Equations listing.

Thanks for sending me pictures, suggestions, edits and encouragement.

If you find any more issues with the current "Radio Teacher Project"
Study Guide please let me know.


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