School Club checkout party - your personal invitation

Tom O'Brien

Krueger Middle School has a radio station (or at least the parts thereof).

I have scheduled a checkout session on March 10, at 9 AM, to inventory and check the equipment. The electronics consists of an oscilloscope, a TNC, a power supply, an HF transceiver, an 8 element HF LP beam, a satellite antenna rig with 2 axis rotator and two dual-polarization beams (maybe 144 and 430 MHz). There's also a 2-meter 4-element beam on a pole, along with a couple of VHF-UHF verticals on the towers. That's what I was able to see. The folks at Krueger will have the equipment where we can do checkout. It's currently in a container, but will be moved for us to a classroom we can use as a work area.

So, I need a couple of fearless hams (not afraid of middle school kids) to go with me to the school for two or three hours and inventory/check the equipment, coax, rotators, and antennas. We will need a couple of dummy loads, a couple of DVMs, one or two SWR meters capable of HF to 70cm operation, wattmeters HF-70cm. The school is checking for the presence of user manuals. I expect that we will need to photograph the equipment for documentation purposes.

Background on this gear: This station was set up 5+ years ago, with some help from SARC and others. The teacher who was licensed has moved to another school district, and the club closed down. The director of the magnet program wants to get it going again, and has recruited 3-4 teachers who will get licensed ASAP. One near-term objective is to get ATV aboard the rockets and send down live TV. They build big rockets. The old radio club did SAREX and ARISS, but those folks are gone now.

Tom O'Brien
San Antonio, Texas

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