Re: roof eaves mounted dipole

J C Smith

I'm not an antenna expert, but I will give an opinion. Many others have more antenna expertise than me.

First, how much of the antenna will parallel the flashing? If it is a short distance, I don't think you will have a problem.

I live in an area that prohibits antennas. I ran approximately 170 feet of 14 gauge wire around the eaves of the house and garage fed by 90 feet of 450 ohm ladder line. We re-roofed the garage and have aluminum flashing around the edge. My wire is probably 6 inches below the flashing and I haven't noticed any change in signal reports since the roof work was completed.

From previous experience, I would prefer to have a G5RV with the center point 40 to 50 feet above ground, but our neighborhood won't allow it.

If your doing an inverted "V", remember to keep your angle at least 45 degrees. If you have too little angle, the antenna won't load or work properly.

I suggest doing a temporary install and see how the antenna works for you.


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Subject: [W5SC] roof eaves mounted dipole

I am wanting to know if the aluminum flashing along the top edge of the roof will affect a dipole ;(or inverted ) as the roof peaks at the top;
will it absorb any of the signal? I plan to distance the dipole legs at least 1 ft from the top edge of the roof

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