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Lee Besing

I've got one of those pole bags here at home already, bought last June up in Plano, if anyone in San Antonio wants to see what they looked like. Gary K5GST has a set, as does Al KE6LGE (both REACT members). The primary trick in using these seem to be securing the base so it doesn't shift on you, and using rope / cord to guy the middle / top to hold it upright.

He's got a top piece available that is sort of like a disc that can rotate, letting you connect to the edges and spin to re-orient your lines, etc. It came with this flower petal type spreading base as well, but doesn't seem to sturdy to me. Was sturdy enough to drive over with my van's tire to hold in place, but I've seen / built better devices for that in the past.

I think I paid about $40 for the bag with base & poles, and paid another $5 for the top. He's got other gadgets that let you connect guy ropes to brackets that you slip between the segments as you assemble them.

He had another kit version that was a completed 20 or 40 meter vertical antenna, with a wire running up the middle (inside) the fiberglass poles, and so forth. Seemed to work okay, but I wasn't ready to buy that kit (cost more than I had available cash by that point while at Plano).

Hope this feedback helps. Maybe SARC / W5SC should try to get the guy to come to the San Antonio Radio Fiesta Swapfest on January 23, 2010?

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I am thinking that 4 bags and some feedline would make a nice portable 4 square on 40 meters. Or a full 40 meter loop.

So I am getting 5 bags to have some spares.


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Thanks Royce!


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Hi David, I really hope you and the family have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Ref the subject, "The Fiberpole-Evolution of the Antenna Mast" as listed above in QST Jan 2010, Pg 42. I know an Individaul, Bruce Best, Tel:210-478-2865, that has about 300 bags of 8 ea poles 4 ft long, $10.00 per bag, all miltary suplus. If you could notifily the different clubs, maybe someone could use them. I myself got 3 bags. Royce KB5VVT


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