Study Guide 1.0 Available

Paul Guido

The Technicians Self Study Guide 1.0 is available for all to download.

Go to and click the link on the
home page to get the file.

It is missing the four pictures below. If you have some pictures
that can be used for the guide, please email them to me at

I will update the guide again all when I get all the pictures. More
data will be added to the appendixes in the future as well.

Thanks for sending me pictures, suggestions, edits and encouragement.


Paul Guido, N5IUT

Page 50
The maximum power allowed when transmitting telecommand signals to
radio controlled models is 1 watt. A label indicating the licensee's
call sign and address must be affixed to the transmitter when sending
commands to a radio control model using amateur frequencies.
Picture needed is < Model Plane and Transmitter with License Tag>

Page 50
Radio direction finding (RDF) is used to locate transmitters, RF
noise, interference and jamming. Radio direction finding can be used
to find lost and downed airplanes, lost hikers and boats in
distress. A directional antenna is most useful for hidden
transmitter hunting.
Picture needed is <Transmitter Hunt Equipment>

Page 56
The penalties for making a false emergency call include having your
license revoked, a large fine and prison term.
Picture needed is <Hand Cuffs>

Page 57
You may use your amateur station to transmit a "SOS" or "MAYDAY"
signal when there is immediate threat to human life or property.
Picture needed is <Picture of Ship Sinking or Hurricane damage>

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