Stolen Ham Gear

Shane O'Neal <shane@...>

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry to report that my vehicle was broken in to. They got the following

- Yaesu FT-857
- Yaesu FT-7800
- 2 MFJ Mighty-Lite 25 amp switching power supplies
- 2 Puxing VHF handhelds
- Rigid Cordless Drill
- Ryobi bit set
- ECG soldering gun

The radios and power supplies were marked with my call sign (NS5D). A police
report has been filed.

Please be on the lookout for this stuff. If you do end up buying it off
someone, at least get a good price 'cause they didn't pay a cent. ;)

There have been a rash of "smash-and-grab" car burglaries in San Antonio. I
thought if I kept my stuff out of sight in a box in the back of my truck, it
would not be noticed. No dice. If you come to SA, don't leave anything you
want to keep in your vehicle.

Shane NS5D

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