Re: Working Printer

George James

Sorry! Do not need a printer.

Still waiting to get balance owed from Greg. He paid for the 204ba, but
still procrastinating the 11 element KLM 6 meter beam for $300. Says he
still seeing if he can get the part they lost in the shuffle. Did you get
your money?

George James, RN, BSN, MS, FAsMA

From: [] On Behalf Of Gary
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 7:52 PM
Subject: [W5SC] Working Printer
Importance: High

Fellow hamsters,

I have an EPSON RX580 Photo All-In-one computer printer if anyone needs one.
It was bought new 06/06/07 from Best Buy. Looks and works well. Unit comes
with six recently replaced after market printer cartridges. Has all
documentation and software. Includes box and packing. NO USB cable. This
printer was replaced a month ago and is no longer needed.

Email me if you are interested and can pick it up.

73, Gary

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