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Lee Besing

This is a one time announcement, that I felt might be of general
interest to the hams who subscribe to this list. I won't be
repeating it, and any responses should be sent direct to me, either
at "" or "". Just wanted to let
you know I've added two new features to my web site and started an electronic newsletter for hams.

Feel free to hit "delete" if you are not interested further, you
won't hurt my feelings.... 73 de Lee N5NTG

The News Blog Area
Most of you already know about the Blog are of the website. We're
allowing other hams to be able to post new club news or topics direct
to the site now. Anyone can register (free) to post comments to
existing topics, but if you want to be able to post your own club
news, etc., contact me direct and we'll make it happen. We recently
enabled ARRL's Texas Legislative Action folks up in Austin (KE5ISX)
access to begin posting news about proposed bills before the Texas
House or Senate that we (the hams) need to either support or
oppose. Look for those postings to begin soon.

Monthly Email Newsletter - Ham Radio Info Only
I've also created a Ham Radio email list for a monthly
newsletter. Currently I have about 300+ hams, mostly from the San
Antonio area, with a few from outside that area. I know this list
covers a wide part of Texas, and some of you aren't in SA. But if
you want to get my monthly newsletter from San Antonio Hams, contact
me off this list to be added. Most of the issues will be local to
the SA area, but some will pull from the Blog where legislative or
other issues affect us all.

The Classified Ad Area
Now you can post free classified ads for any ham radio or computer
related items, free of charge, for up to 30 days. You can post up to
750 words of text, and up to 4 photos / images if you desire to show
what it is that you want to pawn off on some other unsuspecting ham,
oops, I meant to say tearfully separate yourself from that valuable
item. And you don't need to be in San Antonio to use this free service.

One person's junk, is another person's treasure, thus the reason we
have Ham Radio Swapfests year around. But what happens between those
events? Got some extra / unused Ham Radio gear you want to sell or
trade? Looking to buy some used gear? Post a new Classified, or
Browse our Classifieds posted by other hams. reserves the right to decline service to anyone
for any reason. This is a free site, sponsored by N5NTG, not
affiliated with any individual ham radio club or organization. We are
not responsible for what you buy, so the old saying "Buyer Beware"
applies. Let us know, however, if you feel you got ripped off, or if
someone is falsely advertising something for sale or trade using this
free service.

At this time, all classified ads are free. We reserve the right to
change this policy in the future, but don't expect to. This site is
focused on Amateur Radio / Ham Radio items and topics, but for now,
we'll leave such restrictions open until we see if it gets abused. No
postings offering anything illegal, sexual, or dealing with alcohol
or tobacco will be permitted. We're really not wanting to become the
next job search site, or Apartment / House hunting site, but we won't
turn those down until we figure out what direction our visitors want
to move toward.

This Classified Ad section is under development and thus perhaps
subject to change as we add / remove features. Default max length of
any posted ad is currently set at 30 days. If you sell / trade your
item, please update your ad, or withdraw it when no longer needed. If
you find what you're looking for, please cancel your ad. Thanks, and
have a fun time exploring this area once more ads get posted. Contact
the webmaster, N5NTG, via <>email if
you have problems or questions with this site.

All ads will be moderated to prevent obvious fraud, but I'll be
fairly lenient while we get the usage up and running. As it says on
the web site, if you want to suggest a new category, simply suggest
it to me and we'll consider it.

So far, here are the categories I've created.....

/ Heliax / Connectors(0)
Brew Antennas(0)




(No cracks or bootleg)(0)
Response Kits (0)
Sales (0)
Trade (0)
Stuff (0)
Equipment (0)
/ GMRS Radios(0)
Radios - Base(0)
Radios - HT(0)
Radios - Mobile(0)
Announcements (0)

Your comments and participation are hereby invited.....
But preferably off this list to keep it back on topic. :)

73 de Lee N5NTG

73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
(210)771-7075 mobile

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