Lots, 100 each AA energizer

Gary Harmon

Here is a really good buy for 100 AA batteries. Brand new.


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So's I needed me some batteries and sow these auctions from this guy on
Epiddle. Bulk road rescue, some have road rash, the two boxes I
bought test 100% on my olde Radio Shlock load-type batter tester.
Good buy.

link here -- http://tinyurl.com/bazzboxobattriz

Good buy. Rechargeable are good too, but you can stash stores or these to
use at a later date. Used to see C and D battery adaptors on the 'bay in
the past. Didn't look this evening.

The seller is an honest guy to deal with, good country boy, don't hesitate
to ask him anything.

Tom NU4G

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