Re: What is the difference between TNC and Psk31 ?

Needham Joe Thompson <w4cth@...>

Simply speaking PSK31 is a digital HF mode that uses specially
written software that utilizes your computer's sound card as a modem
to change digital data from your computer to analog signals that can
be transmitted over ham bands and then in return changes analog
signals received over your radio to digital data that can be
displayed on your computer. It requires a sound card interface
between the computer and the radio. PSK31 uses a phase shifted
signal and is not a packet mode.

A TNC is a hardware device that also functions as a modem but does
many more things. It takes digital data from your computer, creates
packets and then changes these packets into audio signals that can
be transmitted by the radio. In return, it demodulates recieved
audio signals, changes it back to digital data, disassembles the
packets and sends digital data to be displayed on your computer.
Most TNC's are multimode and can be used to send other forms of
digital signals on HF in addition to packet on VHF and pactor on
HF. TNC's are not to my knowledge used for PSK31.

Hope this helps and credits for above to the ARRL HF and VHF Digital

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I understand the packet but am not sure what TNC does
Please help me out

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