V.O.A.D. Meeting - Guadalupe County

Louis <k1stx@...>

Anyone in Guadalupe or surrounding counties - Amateur or not, are
invited to attend a meeting of Guadalupe County V.O.A.D. group. The
meeting will be held 17:30 hrs @ the 1st United Methodist Church, 710
N. Austin - Seguin

A presentation will be given by Dan Kinsey - Guadalupe County
Emergency Manager on the preparations of a possible Pandemic Flu
outbreak in our county.

Not sure what else will be presented or discussed, as I just found out
about it last night and this is fairly young group! With good
intentions, if I am not working, my family and I will be there!

Dan Kinsey is promoting the idea that all county volunteer
organizations come under the V.O.A.D. structure, not so much for
control, but organization and training. By Embedding members of the
EmComm organizations (i.e. ARES and REACT) gives a perfect opportunity
for promotion, training and coordination for future events with other
county and area volunteer groups. A couple of our CARC/GCARES members
are planning to attend, and it would be good to see a representatives
from other clubs there also!

My intentions are to be there, but being on call, that could change!

Thank you for your time,

Louis Upton

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