Re: 6 Meters

Lee Besing

The radio nets listed at say there is a 6m net
on FM, if that's any help.
6 Meter Local Radio Nets
Monday @ 8:00pm 52.525 mHz FM - Voice Marty, KB5MJC Southwest Texas 6
Meter Net.

Net control recommends using vertical polarization, although some
operators have been known to flip over to horizontal while on the
net. (Does that mean they are laying down?) There is no particular
ham club affiliation or sponsor, just a bunch of radio operators who
enjoy talking on 6 meters.

At 11:03 AM 8/25/2008, Tony wrote:

Hi fellow hams
I would like to know if the 6 meter band is am or fm locally. I am
coonsidering obtaing 6m equipment. I understand it has been a good band
Thanks, 73
Tony; KE5BFF
Lee W. Besing San Antonio, TX
(210)771-7075 voice

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