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I sent Chris a reply, but, the San Antonio Link may be down, since it hubs with Austin!  They were having issues with it last night when I was leaving for Houston!  It was double or triple crosslinked with the SW Lynx, and was locking up!

Cannot hit it today at all!

If the SW Lynx link with the Salt Grass is up, he can also try the 146.96 - pl 162.2!

Steve sometimes, although usually at night, has the two running together!  I love it when that is done, since driving around the state, I can pretty much talk from the CC area all the way to Lufkin!

Catch ya later!

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--- On Sat, 8/2/08, Lee Besing, N5NTG <> wrote:
From: Lee Besing, N5NTG <>
Subject: [W5SC] Fwd: San Antonio Salt Grass Link
Date: Saturday, August 2, 2008, 5:31 PM

Could someone help this ham regarding the use of this link? Chris's

email address is <chwhitehead@>

I'm not a regular user of the Saltgrass Link, thus I may not know all

the in's and out's involved with using it. Or, if you know where I

could be asking this question better, don't hesitate to contact me direct.

I did find a web site just now at http://www.saltgras slinksystem. com/

which I will scan for more info to help Chris better.

Thanks in advance!

PS: had fun at the Austin Summerfest today, but sure glad that wreck

on IH-35 @ the 223 mile marker was on the northbound side, and

happened way after I had passed thru on the way up there from

SA. When we returned south around 3:30pm, traffic was being diverted

@ 221 mm, and the traffic was jammed solid all three lanes, plus both

side's access roads for more than 8 miles. There goes their gas

mileage for today!

To: info@sanantoniohams .org
Subject: San Antonio Salt Grass Link
Good Morning...
My name is Chris Whitehead. I am a Ham (KE5KTV) from Houston. I am
in town taking care of my grandparents house and will be spending a
lot of time here. Hopefully I will be here for good soon. I have
attempted to use the Salt Grass Repeater, but have had no luck. I am
using 444.575+ with a PL of 141.3. I am using an Icom 208H on full
power. Any suggestions.
Chris Whitehead

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73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas

(210)771-7075 mobile

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