San Antonio Salt Grass Link

Lee Besing

Could someone help this ham regarding the use of this link? Chris's
email address is <>

I'm not a regular user of the Saltgrass Link, thus I may not know all
the in's and out's involved with using it. Or, if you know where I
could be asking this question better, don't hesitate to contact me direct.

I did find a web site just now at
which I will scan for more info to help Chris better.

Thanks in advance!

PS: had fun at the Austin Summerfest today, but sure glad that wreck
on IH-35 @ the 223 mile marker was on the northbound side, and
happened way after I had passed thru on the way up there from
SA. When we returned south around 3:30pm, traffic was being diverted
@ 221 mm, and the traffic was jammed solid all three lanes, plus both
side's access roads for more than 8 miles. There goes their gas
mileage for today!

Subject: San Antonio Salt Grass Link

Good Morning...

My name is Chris Whitehead. I am a Ham (KE5KTV) from Houston. I am
in town taking care of my grandparents house and will be spending a
lot of time here. Hopefully I will be here for good soon. I have
attempted to use the Salt Grass Repeater, but have had no luck. I am
using 444.575+ with a PL of 141.3. I am using an Icom 208H on full
power. Any suggestions.


Chris Whitehead
73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
(210)771-7075 mobile

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