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Great job Shane. Thanks.


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Forwarded to Bexar County ARES, South Texas ARES, as well as AARO
and ROOST club field day reps.

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Arizona ARES requests clear frequencies if needed for fire emergency
(Jun 22, 2006) -- Given the heavy HF activity anticipated during
Field Day weekend, Arizona Section Emergency Coordinator Rick Aldom,
W7STS, has requested that radio amateurs steer clear of the ARES net
frequencies of 7248 kHz (days) and 3992 kHz (night) and The Salvation
Army Team Emergency Radio Network
(<<http://www.satern.>http://www.satern. org/>SATERN)
frequency of 3977.7 kHz. These frequencies may be used for Arizona
fire-related emergency traffic, if necessary. He notes that since the
HF operation would employ NVIS (near-vertical incidence skywave)
antennas, stations outside Arizona may not be able to hear any
emergency nets. Aldom says he expects that most emergency
communication will take place on VHF and UHF repeaters, however.

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