Tech class for Seniors

Tom O'Brien

The proposed "Technician License Class for Seniors" has been approved! It is scheduled for Tuesdays at 1 PM at the Northeast ISD's Community Education Center on Tesoro Drive in San Antonio. This is part of NEISD's "Academy of Learning In Retirement", for students 50 and older.

I am planning to run the class for about 11 weeks, with VE testing at the last class meeting.
Class starts sometime in August; I will have an exact date soon.

The class will be Internet-based and nearly paperless, with PowerPoint class notes and drills available on the Web, and weekly self-tests on the Web during class.

At various (TBD) points in the class, I would like to have some local hams come in for a few minutes to do equipment demonstrations. When I know exactly when we need you, I'll issue a call for specific help (repeater demo, for example).

Tom O'Brien

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