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The D-104 can be made to work on most any AM/SSB rig. I bought mine in the
early 1960's and have used it on many rigs, including the HW-32 (20m SSB)
and the SB-401 (SSB). However the pickle handle PTT would not be very
efficient for CW keying on the HW-16..(:->.

I still use the D-104 daily as my main Mic. I am currently using it on my
Yaesu FT-920 and I also modified one for my Son-n-laws Icom IC-756proIII. We
both get good audio reports.

My D-104 is still original and I use a homebrew outboard impedance matching
amplifier for the solid state radios. Over the years, I have successfully
installed and used mine on the following radios: Collins 32V2 & KWM-1,
Heathkit SB-401 & HW-32, Swan 350, Kenwood TS-120, Icom IC-735, and Yaesu

If you or anyone else is interested in the D-104 amplifier, I have uploaded
the information with schematic to the files section of this reflector.

* 73's Jim W5IFP *

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Can a d-104 mike be made to work on a heathkit hw-16.


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