Re: Tower For Sale

George James

The following is still available. If you have any interest, please
call me at 2102407307.

George, WB5LDN

A Rohn 68' fold over tower with accessories -

There are 5 10' sections ($200), the 10' counter balanced fold over
section ($200), and an 8' top section with thrust bearing, rotator
shelf, and step platform that can be position anywhere on the tower
($200). There are 3 guys at the fold over section @ 30' and 3 guys at
the top of the 8' section, the top guys each attach to anti sway bars
at the 68' level and all guys attach to equalizer plates that go into
the concrete anchors ($200). There is Ham-M rotator and control head
$200 and a Hy-Gain TH6-DX Tri-Bander for $300.

George James, RN


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