Nominating Committee Appointed October 1, 2007

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The San Antonio Radio Club President appoints a Nomination Committee
each year on October 1st. The Committee is responsible for identifying
at least one candidate for each elected position and reporting back it's
recommendations by October 25th.

The Club's annual election is held at the November meeting and the
Committee's recommendations, as well as nominations from the floor, will
be presented as candidates. For 2008 the following positions require an


Vice President



Board Member through 2007. This is Bill Reichert's seat which requires
an election in the normal cycle.

Board Member through 2010. This is Lee Besing's seat which requires an
election because he was appointed to fill a vacancy.

Any Board position where a vacancy is created by a existing Board Member
being elected as an Officer.

Sergeant at Arms. This is an non Board position that is required by the
Club Constitution.

As of October 1, 2007 the following members are appointed as the
Nomination Committee:

Joe Thompson, W4CTH

Mike Check, K5UCQ

Paul Guido, N5IUT

Serving as part of the Club's leadership is an important role that needs
the service of many of our members and requires a minimum of time.
Candidates only need to be committed to the furtherance of amateur radio
in the community. It is not required that you be a long time ham or have
extensive technical expertise. If you wish to be considered, or wish to
nominate another member in good standing, contact any member of the
Nominating Committee and make your interest known.

David Freiberger


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