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Paul Guido


The W5SC web site states:

"The San Antonio Radio Club is one of the oldest Amateur Radio clubs
that is still around and operating. It was founded in 1919 as
the "Bexar County Radio Association" and reorganized in 1929 as
the "San Antonio Radio Club". We are one of the oldest affiliated
amateur radio Clubs of the American Radio Relay League."

This is true. W5SC is not the oldest active club in Texas. But we
are one of the oldest.

W5AC from Texas A & M is the oldest club in Texas that I know of.
W5SC is not the oldest affiliated club. DARC is in Dallas.

DARC Affiliation Date 1919-11-01
W5SC Affiliation Date 1920-01-02
W5AC Affiliation Date 1924-06-10

These are the facts as I know them. DARC and SARC were stated about
the same time but DARC affiliated two months before SARC did.

I hope that this helps. If I need to change the web site let me know.

Paul Guido, N5IUT

--- In W5SC@..., "Lee Besing, N5NTG" <lee@...> wrote:

Hmm, something to look into I guess. :)

FYI -- this is from the DARC site
Welcome to the Home Page for the Dallas Amateur Radio Club (DARC).
DARC is Texas' second oldest Amateur Radio Club (second ONLY to
the Texas
A&M Aggies', for goodness sakes), founded in 1914 and has been
with the ARRL since 1919.

So much for SA ARC being the oldest.

Chuck N5IAG
73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
(210)771-7075 mobile

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