Re: Testing Sessions

Lee Besing

As far as I know, Mr. Dale is still testing in the evenings on a
"pre-registration" basis only.

At 07:57 AM 9/4/2007, you wrote:

This is from I don't have any personal knowledge of
whether it is still valid or not.

*Date:* 3rd Thursday of the Month, 7:30 PM
*Location:* 9526 Gold Dust (Note: Testing is held at the VE's residence in
the Heritage Northwest Subdivision, near Seaworld & Pease Middle School)
*Contact:* Leslie N. Dale, NI5S
*Phone:* (210) 673-8852
*E-Mail:* <>ni5s@...
*Affiliation:* ARRL
*Walk-ins: NOT ALLOWED*. *You must call 24 hours before date *to leave a
message stating that you plan to attend the test session.

On 9/3/07, Mike Check <<>k5ucq@...> wrote:

Anyone one know of any evening testing sessions, or one's not on
in the immediate area?

Mike C

Lee W. Besing San Antonio, TX
(210)771-7075 voice

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