FW: Re: Charlie Brown - N9RU - SK on August 18th

Lee Besing

At 07:04 AM 8/22/2007, Carol wrote:

Lee, Charlie passed on August 18th from a massive heart attack.
We are all trying to cope with the loss.
Three of the kids live in Indiana and wanted to see their dad so we
will have a brief viewing and memorial today and he will be cremated.
Carol N5CMB

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Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 13:17:42 +0000

Lee, I guess that this was sort of sudden about Charlie N9RU. I have
contacted Carol back and asked her to contact me if there is anything we
can do from up here in New Mexico.

I use to sell at their tailgates in Deming, NM. I own Southwest Antennas &
Accessories so thats how I came to know Carol and Charlie. He sure was a
good man.

73', Darryl, NX5W

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Darryl, It doesn't surprise me that the Tailgate is a thing of the past.
And, yes, Charlie became a SK on August 18th at 2:35 pm. from a
massive heart attack.
His middle son was with me at the hospital, so he got to say goodbye,the
other kids had to come from Indiana and requested that we have a viewing
for them and family members before he was cremated. The memorial service is
today at 1 pm.
I miss him terribly, but I'll get through this and go on, because he would
wanted that.
88's &73's.
Carol, N5CMB

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Carol, I was trying to find out what was up with the DARC Tailgate for
next month and Rick N5XNF says that there not having one. Then Rick says
that Charlie has become a SK? I am so shocked to hear this news.

GB, Toni & Darryl, NX5W, Southwest Antennas & Accessories.
73 de N5NTG Lee W. Besing San Antonio, Texas
(210)771-7075 mobile

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