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J C Smith


I have a bumper mount for the old chrome style car/truck bumpers. If a mount of this type is needed, I'll gladly donate it.


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Shane, Charlie, and I looked at mounting the 47 MHz antenna and an
additional 2 Meter antenna on the Red Cross Emergency Communications
Vehicle last Tuesday. The sides are made of somewhat thin aluminum
as are most of the box corner pieces. The top is actually some kind
of foam and/or fiberglass laid out on cross supports of unknown

Cutting the top of the box is not an option for a variety of
reasons. So the two antennas need to be side mounted on the port
side. The best mount appears to be a ball mount. Motorola made the
best ball mounts in the world, but they are long out of production.

Radio Shack markets one that is chrome plated with some plastic
parts. It is not going to last.

Hustler makes one that is stainless steel and not of high quality,
but it may be the only one that we can use. RF Engineering, and
others, resell this Hustler model.

As a reference point, the Hustler SS ball mount and spring (SSM-1)
typically sells new for about $66.00. The SS ball mount only (SSM-
2) sells for $29.00 to $39.00 Hustler also markets a chrome plated
ball mount (C-32) for $13.00 to $20.00 and these may be the what
Radio Shack is selling. We don't need any C-32's.

As some of you wander around aimlessly at the Austin Summerfest,
would you keep you eye out for deal on the SSM-1, the SSM-2, or more
importantly an old, complete Motorola ball mount in good shape. I
have no idea what the Motorola mounts go for. Don't pay retail for
the Hustler stuff, we can do that here.

I'll see that you get reimbursed when you get back.

David, K5OLE

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