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I don't know why I struggling so hard with contact information. My correct email address is davidftx@....


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Most importantly we need your participation in Field Day. Directions
and a map to Shanvano Park City Hall are here:
http://f1.grp. v1/4I92Rt67EgNwg T7BIzvju6vmqMKkv YdjSNLJ2wHYpeT&#92;
1VocwnH4XW3Ke7HlXdX Kq4ivjtnRhSP7VoO 7L9gkhhA/ Field%20Day% 202007-1. doc
<http://f1.grp. v1/4I92Rt67EgNwg T7BIzvju6vmqMKkv YdjSNLJ2wHYpe&#92;
T1VocwnH4XW3Ke7HlXd XKq4ivjtnRhSP7Vo O7L9gkhhA/ Field%20Day% 202007-1. doc>

We could use the following equipment and/or expertise:

Push up poles-If you have an extra push up pole sitting around it would
be much better for our dipoles than trees.

Laptops-We need a couple of laptops for logging. We will be using
N3FJP's Field Day Network Log Program. These laptops do not need to be
high end but do need to either be wireless or have an available USB port
for a wireless device.

Digital Setup-We need someone experienced with digital comms to setup
the W5SC digital station. The Club has an MFJ interface and we will
find the radio. We need someone with a laptop to test it ahead of time
and then set it up Saturday morning.

Email or call me if you can help with any of these items. Thanks!

David F.

davidftx@swbell. nt <mailto:davidftx@swbell. nt> or 210-710-8721

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