Mico EOC Opportunity for Volunteers

davidftx <davidftx@...>

Steve Cerwin, WA5FRF, who you know as SARC Chairman of the Board of
Directors, is now the Fire Chief of Mico, TX. Mico is a small
community in NW Medina County about 15 west of the San Antonio city
limits on FM 1283. This is a resort community near Medina Lake.

Steve is interested in area hams who would like to get involved in
setting up and manning the Mico EOC which would be located at the Mico
Fire Department.

This would be a great opportunity for hams located in Medina, NW
Bexar, or SE Bandera Counties to get involved in emergency

If there are hams in the Mico area who would like to do Field Day at
Lake Medina, Steve would make the Mico fire station available.

To explore the possibility of you getting involved, call Steve Cerwin
at 839-612-3911.

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