Re: 4th of July Parade in Sartzville Needs Your Help!

Louis Upton

Wish I could be there to help out! Leaving for Des Moines tommorrow to start a new job, and spare time will be at a premium for a while.


Schuylar <> wrote:
On July 4th, there will be an annual parade celebration in
Startzville, Texas. We are in need of AT LEAST 8 HAMs.

Duties will be mostly staging the parade floats and such in order
before the parade starts. There should be at least on person roaming
about between posts, one at the front to make sure everyone is in
order at the parade start, and one at the review stand for
communication to parade officials. I will work out exact posting when
I know who will be there and I get more details from the parade folks.
Everyone should have a hand held radio capable of at least 2 meters.

Please contact REACT Operations Officer Schuylar Crist/KE5VIP on my
cell at 210-663 6093 if you can help.

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