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HamCations Show Specials


Dear SARC:

There are several really great items we wanted to bring to your attention!  Check them out below!



All of you have of course heard of or own our MMX Morse Transceiver, so don't be thrown off by the "Introducing..." A lot of people at HamCation have never heard of PreppComm. And, by the way, the 15% off is for anything and everything on our site!



Use HC32 at checkout or use this link: https://tinyurl.com/2p9fnv9x
(Link will apply code at checkout automatically)


Company Update

2022 has been a great year for PreppComm! We introduced several new products during the year, but certainly the most significant was the MMX Morse Transceiver. Due to the crazy world, the popular DMX-40 went out of production for several months, but is now back in stock! We offer both the new and refurbished units, as low as $299, an unbeatable deal. Our sales more than doubled during the 2022 calendar year.

We now offer texting live from the website. It is as fast as I can respond... :) It can be disruptive at times, but is working well, and giving potential customers a way to ask questions before purchasing.

We had feedback from many customers via phone, email, text, and comments on social media. Here is a recent example:

"I have been using my DMX-40 for some time now and can with out a doubt say this radio is one of the best tools I have ever used to upgrade my skill level in sending and receiving code. I used this radio to learn to use a paddle in a very short amount of time. The fact that you can use the decoder to make sure your timing is correct is awesome. It is a great QRP rig or a great addition to your regular rig. The screen comes in very handy when the band is noisy or old ears just didn't catch it. The documentation and support is second to none and I would recommend this radio and company to anyone. thank you for a great job. Mark Hutchison VA3MWH"

Or another comment from an MMX user:

I am a new Ham. Short while ago i got interested in CW, as i was struggling to learn Morse code a friend of mine gave me the link to PreppComm and the rest is history. Last week i introduced my MMX at the monthly club meeting , we set 3 CW stations and worked 20M. for half hour in external mode.
It was a big hit and i was very glad to share it with fellow Hams.
In summary: Great alternative and learning CW tool .Exceptional online support with reference material. And much more. Thank you PreppComm. KI5SIR.

We would love to hear from you, as well. Your experience with the DMX-40 or MMX, how you use it, etc. Our products certainly are not perfect, but our customers seem to think they are well worth the price. We have a very happy customer base!

Looking forward to 2023, it looks to be a difficult year for everyone. We hold out hope for America to recover from the current madness that is driving our economy into the ditch. My God be with you all!


Potential New Product: Thoughts?

That's about it, for now. We are working on a potential new product, which involves a smaller zip-lock EMP bag for the MMX or DMX-40, and maybe a roll-up keyboard or smaller keyboard. Let me know if you think that would be a useful product for you! Contact me at Eric.anderson@....


Eric Anderson, AF7YQ

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