Locked Try something new!

Bill Craft

Excerpted from QuickSilver radio newsletter 

A good friend of mine likes to say that there are 30 different kinds of Ham Radio, and there's something there for everyone.  FM repeaters and HF SSB just scratch the surface. 
You already have a computer. 
New digital and sound card modes seem to appear weekly.  Not long ago, no one had heard of FT-8.  It's now, by many accounts, the most popular HF Digital mode. 

Have you tried 6 Meters yet?  The Magic Band can yield some surprising contacts. 
How low can you go?  There's some interesting action on our newest bands at 630 and 2200 Meters.  At (literally) the other end of the spectrum, we have Ham Bands well into the GHz region.  Microwaves are useful for more than making popcorn! 
Or maybe try some SSB or CW on 2 Meters or 70 Centimeters?  Every Ham has full privileges on all of the bands above 30 MHz. 

Antennas for VHF and UHF are small and easy to construct from hardware store parts.  It doesn't have to be pretty -- an ugly antenna will radiate just as well. 

POTA (Parks on the Air) seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.  Head out to a local park.  KISS! Keep It Simple, Sonny.  TWIT!  Throw Wire In Trees.  Hook up a radio and a battery and have some fun.     Check out the POTA Web site for even more fun.  Use your imagination and try something different! 

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