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Looking for clubs to participate as a Special Event Station in ARRL Section 5.
Rich Ryba <rybar1949@...>
12/11/2022, 4:51 PM
Rich Ryba <rybar1949@...>


2777 Leechburg Road

Lower Burrell, PA  15068


Hello fellow amateur radio operators,

My name is Richard Ryba/WQ3Q. I am writing to you today to ask for help in setting up a nationwide Special Event to coincide with the Pancreatic Cancer Network’s Purple Stride day April 29, 2023. Purple Stride raises awareness regarding support for affected patients like me, as well as, helping to fund research to find a cure via the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN).



This past April our local team, (Hams for PanCAN,) ran the special event N3P at Skyview Radio Society. Perhaps you saw the article in the September QST magazine about our efforts then.  The Purple Stride events occur in 60 city locations across the US that day.  This upcoming year, I would like to set up a network with radio clubs in the 10 sections throughout the nation, to work the event in their area. You can find out more about the Purple Stride events and related information at PanCAN PurpleStride - Taking Steps to End Pancreatic Cancer .

While you can run this event from your club, I would also like stations to run a bonus station located at the Purple Stride event in their hometown, like I did in mine.The previous link shows where those events will be held in your section.

QSL cards should be available for contacts and a special clean sweep certificate will be awarded to anyone who contacts all 10 sections. There is a contesting component to this event.

The goal is to make the most contacts within your section and to try to make contacts in all 10 sections.

This special event will not request donations on the air, but we will direct anyone who wants to do so,, to go to the designated PanCAN’s website. No monies are to come to us.  Mostly the idea is to raise awareness of PanCAN’s efforts to address the disease and to listen to, or share stories of those who have been affected by pancreatic cancer. Many of our contacts this year wanted to share their personal stories, others wanted more info for help, and others wanted to do what they could to support the cause. It was surprising how many people have been affected by this cancer in particular.  


Attached are the QSL cards we used this year in the Pittsburgh area.

Please email me in return to be involved, or to be dropped from consideration. If interested in more information about setting up a section special event, contact me directly at rybar1949@... .  

You can  personalized the QSL card specific to your area, and even highlight one of your local ham’s pancreatic cancer story, instead of mine.


I appreciate your time and consideration of my request.



-Rich Ryba/WQ3Q

“Hams for PanCAN” Special Event Coordinator

PanCAN QSL back 2022.3.jpg

PanCanQSL front.B.jpg

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