Re: Dayton

Paul Guido


I can not go to Dayton this year. I am sending this message to the clubs
Yahoo group to see if others are going that could better answer your



On 4/24/07, Mike Chisholm <> wrote:


i sent an email to the radio club back in January, i said i was coming to
San Antonio to visit relatives for 17 days, that is happening on the 8th
until the 25 th of May 2007, i note with interesst that DAYTON is on over
the weekend 18th May and i wondered if any of ur club members were
attending, if so how and by what means although i suspect flying is obvious,
i wondered if any were flying and would want a Brit as company to the
Hamvention if not it isnt a problem, i will probably go with my wife.

anyway, looking forward to meeting you all at your May meeting if


Mike M0JJE

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