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Bill Craft

30 August 2022


Dear SARC,


Here is an update for the upcoming QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo, opening in two weeks, September 17th and 18th, 2022.


Over 50 Amateur Radio Presentations Scheduled

We now have over 50 Expo presentations scheduled for the weekend. The times are in UTC and PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). We have included an ICS download under Add to Calendar and instructions for adding these specific presentations to your Google or Outlook calendar.


If a presentation includes downloadable slides or white paper, then it will appear in the presentation summary under "Collateral or Slides:"


Beginner and Intermediate tracks  are in parallel and one after the other to allow the best user experience for new hams getting started. Expert presentations are scattered throughout the two days of the Expo. FlexRadio, our Platinum Sponsor, has their own presentation track.


All presentations will have live question and answer periods after the presentation itself. Of course, all of the presentations will be available for the on-demand period following their scheduled time slot for ticket holders.


Click on this link to view the presentation list

Click on this link to see the presentations broken out by time slot

Click on this link to buy your ticket

Click on this link if you need a youth or student scholarship


New Project Gallery

It is not too late to submit your article, poster, video, or slides, along with a downloadable PDF document about your project from a self service kiosk on our platform. This is a great way to make a presentation in the Expo without making a speaker commitment.

The Project Gallery is up for the entire period of the show including the 30 day on demand period. Each kiosk includes an optional live Q&A text chat to receive and answer questions from visitors to the Project Gallery. Accepted Project Gallery submissions will receive a free ticket to the Expo. For more information, Click Here.To submit your project to the gallery - Click here


Expo Tickets On Sale Now


Tickets are on sale now at the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo website. Click Here to go to ticketing and registration. Use the emailed credentials to test your login before the Expo weekend. The cost is a flat $10.00. We offer a free ticket to students and kids under 18 years of age, Click Here for Application.


Presentations from Previous Expos Available on our Vimeo Channel

Your support of the Expo by purchasing a ticket helps us to create a library of over 300 ham radio educational videos from the Expo presentations. We use your $10.00 to consolidate, edit, and host this important ham radio content. Our hosting on Vimeo keeps us from being de-platformed and our content always available. Please support us by buying a ticket even if you cannot come to the Expo weekend itself. You will still get our content afterwards during the on-demand period, and in our catalog once we have added the Q&A from the Expo to the presentations. Our catalog is completely searchable by name and keyword. Click here to go to our unique blind and vision impaired friendly video player.


Thanks for supporting our project. See you at the Expo!




Eric Guth, 4Z1UG

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