Locked Re: Hams & New house ideas

Hilton N. Jeanne


When we built this house I put two cutouts in my office to get outside (for antennas).  I also had them put three inch flex tubing (two of them) through the walls into the attic and also one going out of the attic (at the peak) so that no wires would be showing hanging down the side of the house.  One goes to where the stairs go into the attic and the other goes outside.

Hope this helps.

Hilton / N3JFF

On 11-Aug-22 09:07, Bill Craft wrote:

I got an inquiry about a ham planning for a new house and ways to get antenna wires, etc inside. He considered the window feed through panel, but is there something else he could use?
Any suggestions about new construction planning for ham radio.

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