Locked The Signman will not be at Radio Fiesta this year

Bill Craft

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Rick "the signman" will not be at Radio Fiesta this year. You can, however, order your badges directly. (See below) He does have the new SARC logo, so if you want that on your badge let him know. He has been a long-time vendor at RF, so please, if you need a badge- order directly.

Rick Pourciau, NV5A             

The SignMan of Baton Rouge
PO Box 84107
Baton Rouge, LA 70884-4107
225-757-1545 phone
225-208-1545 fax             


                  1-877-SIGNMAN  --  1-877-744-6626

                  1-888-HAMTAG1  --  1-888-426-8241

              "Home of the "Extra-Class-y" badge ™

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