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N5DAH Deirdre

I’m a VE with GLAARG for remote exams and we have some Spanish language resources for VEs so I’m checking with our Puerto Rico team to see if they have anything that might help. We also apparently have a Spain team, but I presume she’s looking for Latin American, and not Castilian, Spanish resources.


I was surprised that hamstudy.org didn’t have a Spanish language option. They have the Mexican FMRE study guide. I may see if I can suggest this as an addition to their materials.


If we can’t find someone, I might be able to find someone via Ham Radio Crash Course Discord who could meet with her online to discuss questions.



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Do we have any hams who are bilingual (Spanish and English) who would be willing to help the wife of one of our members to pass her Technician ham exam? She has an electrical engineering background, and really just needs to be able to understand the questions in English.


One of the ham study websites that I refer people to is designed to help people focus on only the correct answers to the question pool. You would just need to help her understand the correct questions in English, and just ignore all of the incorrect answers.


If you can help, please send a message directly to me at




Thank you very much.



Pat Knight AD5BR



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