locked Re: RADIO FIESTA - Volunteer Sign up

Pat Knight AD5BR

Gotta sell those raffle tickets!😃

Pat Knight AD5BR
210-273-5927 iPhone

On Apr 7, 2022, at 8:24 PM, Lewis Archer <usxpop@...> wrote:

I believe Pat and I will be at the ticket table both days.

On Thu, Apr 7, 2022 at 3:54 PM J C Smith <n5rxs@...> wrote:
I'm planning to be off for Radio fiesta.

Where every you need help I'll fill in.

I always oay my admision to help the club but will definately take the "free" ticket.




From: "Bill Craft"
To: main@saradioclub.groups.io
Sent: Thursday April 7 2022 3:20:02PM
Subject: [Special] [W5SC] RADIO FIESTA - Volunteer Sign up

The volunteer sign up is locate on our website. https://w5sc.org/rf-vol/    or you can sign up at meeting.
Volunteers get 1 FREE admission & 1 FREE door prize raffle ticket for working a minimum 2-hour shift 

Vendor: - check-in verify (scan) prepaid vendor give out vendor wristbands
Admissions: check-in verify (scan) prepaid vendor give out attendee wristbands
Security: Sit or stand by doors and verify vendor/attendees have wristband- there are doors in the front and back of the building
TailGate: Help out in tailgate area- outside parking lot- manage spaces, etc.
General Help: Can be used to help where needed- fill-in to give others a break

Note: This is our only fund raiser for the year. It helps keep our dues low, and supports VE's, Training, JOTA, Field Day and other club functions.



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