Paul Guido


I have worked on many towers over the years and after seeing the photos, I have to say that this one would be a big challenge to take down.

The center mast for the antenna stack extends all the way down to the base of the tower.  That is a great feat of engineering but I worry what it would take to remove.

I would think that at the top is a thrust bearing and a joint in the mast.  Looking at the age of the equipment, I would worry about rust from the insides of the tower legs and mast weakening the structure.

One method of removal would be to use a Gin Pole to lift the mast and antennas as high as possible on the mast and connect a rope as low as one can on the mast and cut the mast off.  Then lower the whole assembly.

That also could be an issue since the area might lack the room to set it all down. 

After that one could saw the tower off above the guy wires and remove it in 10 to 12 foot long pieces with the Gin Pole.  A tower this old should not be reused.

Another first step would be to remove the HF Beam first (the rusted bolts would likely sear off) and then remove the top of the mast using the method above.

Paul, N5IUT

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