Locked L'Etape San Antonio Bicycle event on April 10th

Lee Besing

The L'Etape organization will be conducting a bike ride on April 10th, similar to The Fiesta Wildflower ride that was normally in April, similar to the American diabetes to cure or the National MS Society BikeMS events.

The starting finish line will be on the UTSA campus, inside of loop 1604 and IH-10. But the 25/60/100 mile routes will be going out into the Hill Country Northwest of San Antonio. The 100 mile route and I think maybe the 60 mile route will be passing through boerne.

I'm going to be on a teleconference call later this week with the organizers, some from Canada and some of the local organizers, to see if they're willing to bring the amateur radio community into the fold in terms of supporting this event.

I've already lined up the possible use of a repeater in the Medina lake / pipe Creek area that should cover the route where it goes out that direction, and obviously the repeaters and Kendall County would likely be of benefit as well. With the route spreading so far out, we may end up needing multiple repeaters and depending on where net control is, we may need a multiple net control station set up.

I just thought I'd give everybody a heads up and see if people wanted to put that date on their calendar for public service event. The 100 mile route has an 8 hour cap on the time limit. There is a cutoff between the 60 and the 80 route where people that don't clear the cutoff point by a certain time will have to divert on to the 60 mi route even if they had planned to do the 100. As of today, I think there're six rest stops being planned.

Planning is at the infant stage at this point and I'll be posting more information on SanAntonioHams.org once details start to materialize.

Lee Besing, N5NTG
San Antonio TX

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