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Larry Lentz

I remember Jim very fondly from the 70s/80s. Saw him "pop up" occasionally in recent years. RIP, my friend de N5LL 

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This is sad news.

Thank you,

Don Jones
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On Thursday, February 3, 2022, 12:08:54 PM CST, Paul Guido <radioteacher@...> wrote:

I saw that W5IFP unsubscribed from the group and investigated.  I suspected there would be one way Jim would ever leave this email reflector.  

W5IFP - Jim Hargrave, Silent Key.

Jim was always very giving of his time, skills and knowledge.  A true embodiment of the term "Elmer".

In my prime days of Packet Radio (1986 to 1998) he was a great recourse and friend.  



After a long and valiant battle with Parkinson's Disease, Jim peacefully kept his appointment with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on the morning of January 5, 2022. Mary, his beloved wife of 68 years honored their vows "’til death do us part" and never left his side.

Jimmie Ray Hargrave was born on November 4, 1933, in Mount Vernon, Texas. The eldest son of missionary parents, Vessie Dee and Bessie Mae Hargrave, he grew up in various locations, including Mexico City. Upon their return to the United States in 1946, they made their home in San Antonio, Texas.  At the age of nineteen, he enlisted in the United States Air Force, where he served four years active duty and four years reserve. Following his honorable discharge from the Air Force, he began a 36-year civil service career at Kelly AFB. As licensed amateur radio operator, W5IFP, he thoroughly enjoyed a lifelong hobby which he often used in service to others. Jim earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southwest Texas State University.

On her nineteenth birthday, July 24, 1953, he married the love of his life, Mary Eunice Thompson. Over the years he managed to convince her that he was the best birthday present she had ever received. Jim and Mary were blessed with four wonderful children, their spouses, and families.

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