locked Re: Field Day question.

Cray / K5MUG

Gerry, I'll try this one more time - my fingers went bonkers and prematurely did an incomplete Send.

Are you referring to Winter Field Day coming up this month on Jan 29/30, or the Summer Field day in June?  Makes a huge difference!

Cray / K5MUG

8/2022 8:23 AM Gerry Bower via groups.io <gerrybower@...> wrote:

Is the SA club participating in Field Day. I have plans to be out with a bunch of friends playing radio and if we are organizing a field day and the club has a call sign for the event. I could use it to get credit for our club. ( I have not done a field day before so do not know if this is even allowed. Anyway if it is and we have a call sign. I will be out doing a portable activation in Marian in my new Shack in a box. 😀

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