Re: SARC Officer Appointments

Erik Smith <w5ets@...>


Since you have not replied to any of my past e-mails (that were sent directly to you)...I will send one here...I got who is going to be the new directors. Who is going to fill the Vice-President position? I need to know so I can get it on the website and get e-mail addresses setup. I am also needing information on ANY upcoming events to put on the SARC website.

Erik Smith, W5ETS
(210) 710-9161

Webmaster - Bexar County Rehab Website wrote:
On May 11, 2006 Steve Cerwin, WA5FRF, Chairman of the Board for the
San Antonio Radio Club, announced the appointment of Paul Guido,
N5IUT, to fill the remaining term of the vacant 2007 Board position.

On May 17, 2006, Mr. Cerwin announced the appointment of Mike Check,
K5UCQ, to fill the vacant 2008 Board position.

We thank Paul and Mike for stepping forward to help continue the
forward motion of the San Antonio Radio Club.

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