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Joe Bruno

Has anyone responded to you yet?  If you don't know I hardly ever, if ever check my email.  

But if need be you can text if you like.   I like tons of others do not answer phone calls from uknown numbers so texting me is the way to get in touch with me...

Joe Bruno 

On Fri, Nov 5, 2021, 5:26 PM David McGuire <leviticus25_9@...> wrote:
Hello.  I need to ask if there is someone willing to help me build a capacitive tuner for my EFHW antenna.  I have seen some for QRP but a ham on QRZ.com gave me a guide for a 100W version.  But, I do not now how to begin.  I've never been to Altex, but I can go Saturday morning to get the supplies, if there's someone there who can glean a parts list from the article I was sent.

Thank you for considering.  73 de David AE4LH

Here is the article link:
If you are using an end-fed half-wave antenna, which is a convenient antenna for portable operation, the matching unit can be considerably simplified.


A single tunable capacitor, a transformer, and two SPDT switches to select between taps on a transformer are all that is required. You can build it yourself fairly easily.

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