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David McGuire

Hello everyone.  My new LiFePO4 battery has arrived.  I am easily able to connect my HF radio to the leads, but I would like to also connect my auto antenna tuner.  So, I need the knowledge base of the club for ideas on how to connect both of them to the battery.
I'll need the gauge of the wire to be large enough for the energy draw, and I do not want to damage the battery.  I had thought that I needed a distribution block, but the sales associate at Altex told me they did not have anything like that for my needs.
The example I used was a power strip at home.  It is plugged into the wall, and then you have six new jacks that can be used for appliances.  

I would like the same to happen with my battery.  Two wires connecting to the two terminals on the battery, going into a distribution block that would have places for two devices, the radio, and the antenna tuner.  

Am I using the wrong term?  If so, what is the term I should be using?  I found this idea online. It is not right for my use, but it is the idea that I am considering.
Hafele Distribution Block, With 6 Ports, 24V 833.05.797 | CabinetParts.com

Thank you for your help.

vy 73 de David AE4LH

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