locked Single, tunable capacitor for tuning an wire antenna...

David McGuire

Hello.  I need to ask if there is someone willing to help me build a capacitive tuner for my EFHW antenna.  I have seen some for QRP but a ham on QRZ.com gave me a guide for a 100W version.  But, I do not now how to begin.  I've never been to Altex, but I can go Saturday morning to get the supplies, if there's someone there who can glean a parts list from the article I was sent.

Thank you for considering.  73 de David AE4LH

Here is the article link:
If you are using an end-fed half-wave antenna, which is a convenient antenna for portable operation, the matching unit can be considerably simplified.


A single tunable capacitor, a transformer, and two SPDT switches to select between taps on a transformer are all that is required. You can build it yourself fairly easily.

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