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Lee Besing

This event will be held on a Saturday night, October 23rd, over near the Our Lady of the Lake University. The location is on elmendorf Lake, near the intersection of 24th Street and West Commerce.

I think it would be a great opportunity for the club to make some money for the coffers by doing it, plus the members would be able to see the event for free. Similar to how the AARO club used to get money from the San Antonio rock and roll marathon.

Under the current FCC regulations, individual ham operators cannot be paid to use their ham radio skills, but they can be reimbursed for expenses or they can accept a donation to their radio club for the purposes of the club. This definitely falls under that category.

This is a very scenic area and I have flown my drone there before. There is a 200 ft AGL heights limitation in that area, due to surrounding airport approach flight paths.

I have also reached out directly to her, to see if they would have any interest in getting some aerial drone footage of their event. It never hurts to ask.

Lee Besing
San Antonio TX

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Hey there, this is Aliyah with the Water Lantern Festival!

I wanted to reach out and see if the San Antonio Radio Club would be interested in partnering with us for our San Antonio Festival on October 23rd. When we partner with an organization they send us crew members to work the event. Then we will donate money to your organization based on how many people worked and how long their shift was. I can send you more information if interested! We would love to work with you guys:) 


Thank you!

Aliyah Rhodes 
Water Lantern Festival

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