Re: It's Official! No-code licenses in effect February 23 per Federal Register.

Paul Guido

Here is the pages from the Federal Register in PDF.


On 1/24/07, Pat Knight AD5BR <> wrote:

The SARC VE team will have a VE session at 9 AM Saturday morning,
February 24, at a special location to accommodate the possible crowd
of upgrading ham radio operators. Paul Guido N5IUT has arranged test
facilities for us at the second floor of Broadway National Bank, on
the northwest corner of Nacogdoches and Loop 410. More details will be
coming on our club web site at . PLEASE PRE-REGISTER
at if you plan to test or do the paperwork upgrade.

The Federal Register today contains the FCC's new rules eliminating
Element 1 code requirements for General and Amateur Extra licenses. It
states that the new rules go into effect February 23.

There will be NO AUTOMATIC UPGRADES. If you have a CSCE that is less
than 365 days old, and it shows Element 3 General, you can present it
to a VE session, along with your ham license, photocopies of both,
your photo ID (drivers license preferred), and the session fee ($14
for most sessions in our area) and apply for your upgrade to General.
This is a "paperwork upgrade."

If you have waited to take the General written exam until the code
requirement went away, you can do so as of February 23.

Technician licensees will gain Novice privileges on February 23. They
will still be Technicians.

Pat Knight AD5BR

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